Obituary Donna Savitry, M.D.

Donna Savitry, M.D.

A woman plastic surgeon friend for many


The InaPRAS (Indonesian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons) has lost someone who has captivated and was loved by many of its members, especially the young members who observed her role in its leadership for the past 8 years. Many of us had witnessed more about her as she showed her active role in the international relationship representing our country for some part. She even passionately took initiative in the interactive development of collaboration between our society with the international partners after realizing the importance of mutual collaboration; not only for taking supports from others but also providing vice versa to our international counterparts. The international world needs more people from Indonesia rather than only a handful of members known by the world. She saw the potential after taking lesson from her seniors who are well acknowledged internationally. She took it seriously that many young members are potentially going to be leaders in their respective fields.  

Donna Savitry, M.D. passed away peacefully at an early morning of February 23rd, 2023, at the hospital where she had served for almost two decades. She had been an attending plastic surgeon in the National Police Hospital since she graduated in 2004  from her training in  Universitas Indonesia.  She attended medical school of the same university in 1987 until 1993, during which she met with her beloved husband, one of her classmates. Together they graduated, together the newlywed couple went to Central Java for their compulsory duty as general practitioners in Primary Health Centres for several years.  As they finished their duty, they went back to Jakarta. Dr. Savitry then fulfilled her dream to be a plastic surgeon as she was accepted in the first training program of the country which she was proud of. A time where a field of work as a woman surgeon was a special position, made her be part of it.  

Referring back to 20-25 years ago, woman plastic surgeons in Indonesia was less than the number of digits of our single hand. In the recent time, Indonesian woman plastic surgeons are overtaking the number to be greater gender-wise. As Donna became a plastic surgeon, once she told that any woman doctor can also be a good plastic surgeon while performing self as a good wife and mother at the same time. The mother of three worked passionately and focused on burn, trauma, and chronic wounds especially diabetic wounds. She used fat grafting and PRP in her endeavour to help her patients. Being talented with aesthetic sense, she worked in aesthetic surgery too, with which she joined ISAPS as an active member besides being an international member of ASPS. She had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge by attending courses and conferences  in home country and worldwide. Only that she was too busy with her works and well taking care of her beloved family, she wished she could write papers more; part of her bucket list that was left behind.

Dr. Savitry made important contributions to the Indonesian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons while serving as a Secretary General (2015 -2022). She was then dedicated  her last term as the Director of International Affair before she left us. She found much pleasure in organizing many events together with her colleagues in a team. She loves travelling too. The one that came up as a memorable travelling for her is the last Plastic Surgery meeting in Seoul, Korea, November 2022. She looked very happy to be there, representing our society and meeting with many friends. That particular memorable time, was not without obstacle as she was already not in her good condition back then. Only her love to work brought her to look strong. She also took care the communications with the international counterparts, including with the representative of ICOPLAST. No one of us thought she left this early as she showed her enthusiasm when “on duty”.  Her disease progressed over the past one year after she accepted it to get along with her since about a year before the last.  

Donna was survived  by 3 sons. Her eldest is Helmy, who married in October 2022. We could feel the joy she had when the marriage of Helmy came to be one of the biggest accomplishments in her wish list. She was strong to travel to Riau islands to meet with her son’s family in-law knowing that she was suffered greatly by the illness. Her second son, Fathur, just  got his bachelor in Business Management; and the youngest son is in his early year of senior high school. She always be a caring wife and as a lovely mother at heart.

Donna had never scared to take on new opportunities in her field  and did everything with integrity. Her legacy will carry on forever.

We are in a long mourning saddened by her demise. We also understand many of her friends from other countries have lost a kind friend. A woman friend  who has put her steps to be a woman leader in plastic surgery field.



Jakarta, February 23rd, 2023


Represented by  

Irena S. Rini & Theddeus O.H. Prasetyono

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